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The art of being human

Ethvert menneske har så uendelig mer ressurser enn vi er opplært til å vite.

Hele kroppen og sinnet ditt er et psykososialt og fysiologisk sammenknyttet system, som søker å utfolde seg og å gjenopprette vitalitet og balanse, derfor finnes der alltid ressurser å lene seg inn i.
Der finnes alltid helse tilstede, og der finnes alltid muligheter for mer ro, mer vitalitet, mer lek, mer glede, og for nye løsninger.

Our entire life experience comes from our patterns and the currents in the body and the mind, from psychological structures to hormones and the nervous system, and every human have an infinitely greater potential than we are aware of.

This does not mean that you need to become a super version of yourself, but it does mean that you have the resources in you to live a rich life and create changes where you are not happy with what is, whether it is on the inside, in relationships or in a job situation.
Based on your unique life situation, your personality and the themes that are present for you, we can find the insights and methods that work best for you.

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Every human being is a unique expression of life, and has its own  space in the wholeness of life.

When you allow your unique qualities to unfold, you will find your way home.

Home to and within yourself, and home in your place in lifes web.


"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it is destined to fail miserably"

Albert Einstein

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Alchemy is the art of turning led into gold

On an inner plane, it means transforming the dense, heavy, locked in energy and emotions, into joy, flow and abundance. Learn how to develop your inner resources. Learn about the connections between body and mind, and how to reshape  your life.

Every human have infinitely more resources and qualities than they realize, but our patterns often prevent us from reaching  them.


Life is there with all its levels and nuances, all the time. What we experience from it is a reflection of what is going on in us.

Life is the sweetest, most beautiful, most fragile and raw that we have.

It flows through us, in body and mind, and creates the life we live and experience, inside us and around us.  

When things in our inner world cast shadows into our physical life or block the flow, we often experience a life that feels painful, cramped or difficult, whether it turns into physical pain, mental  patterns or it shows up in the practical life of home, relationships and work.

It feels so definite and final, so beyond our control, but most things can change, or we can find new understandings and  new ways of living with it, that gives more ease and meaning.

By turning things around on the inside, the outer experiences change simultanously. We open to new perspectives and opportunities, we notice new and other things in and around us, and can find new ways  for more flow and joy ..


About me

Experienced healer, therapist and life counselor
Teaches yoga, tantra, shamanism, chakradance and the connections between body, mind

I teach the understandings of the connections between body, mind and life, based on the individual personality, life situation and themes, and provide individually tailored techniques, insights, focus and methods that you can use in your life.
I have worked as a healer,
  therapist and teacher of body and mind for 20 years, and has been allowed to acompany a large number of people on their  journey back to themselves. A journey resulting in more connection to ones resources, better relationships, more inner peace, power  and joy of life.

In 2013 shifted  I focus in my work from a more therapy-approached work into teaching people about the connections of body, mind and life, and how to access ones true nature and inner ressources. Both in one-on-one sessions, and in groups, courses and evenings. For me, this feels more at home. People are not broken and needs to be fixed, we just lack the understanding of how things affect us, of how we are actually made, and how to move back into our flow, ressources and true nature. By sharing knowledge, insights, techniques and methods based on the individual situation and personality, I can give people a space to reflect in and tools they can use in their own way and development, which are tailored to the individual.

  Understanding how you work and why you do what you do and reacts as you do, provides opportunities, choices and freedom. Having tools for change creates opportunities for transformation.

I offer individually tailored life guidance  based on over 25 years of studies in philosophy, esoterics and psychology, as well as the understanding of body, mind and energy, from both Western science  and Eastern traditions. 
I offer  one-on-one, open evenings, groups sessions and courses in yoga, meditation, tantra, shamanism, chakradance and inner transformation. True learning is an inner process connected to both insight and understanding, a self-experienced insight of what is going on. 
I also have  close  20 years  experience in guiding people through personal, and  more collective, transforming ceremonies, through shamanistic tools and approaches.


I work with tools such as conversation, body awareness, inner work and increased contact with the resources in  body and mind, to create transformation and  understanding of the processes in yourself and your life.

A lot happens in the sessions themselves, but I also teach and adapt techniques to the individual, so you yourself csn learn to awaken the resources that live within you and create the changes you want.

I sometimes use craniosacral therapy and healing to integrate the processes that arise and the new insights, for a more balanced and in-depth learning.
I also use craniosacral to work with purely physical issues or with the flow in the body.

I look forward to accompany you on your journey home

My services

I work in the meeting point between body and mind, with tools that  creates new insights and lasting change.
The goal is
  increased understanding of one self and ones life, richer connection to your own resources, and finding the way into richness, joy, focus and balance.

As individual sessions, I offer guidance and inner work, as well as craniosacral therapy and healing for integration and rebalancing of body and mind.
I hold weekly yoga classes and chakradance with a focus on contact and inner transformation, monthly evenings in tantra, shamanistic ceremonies, and regular courses within these fields and the understanding of the connections body, mind and life.

All the parts of us are interconnected, and change in one part creates ripple effects in all the other layers.

a picture of mind

Life guidance

Life guidance is an individually tailored guidance based on your themes, your personality and your issues. You are free to come with any topics, and we will look at patterns and contexts, and at possible methods and focal points for creating change or more flow.

  • Are you a little stuck in the same problem or situation?

  • Do you need to understand yourself better?

  • Do you feel that you do not fully grasp or flow in your own resources?

  • Do you need help finding the way to create change in life?

  • Do you want to improve your relationship or relationships?

  • Do you want a better understanding or techniques for meditation, spiritual experiences or spirituality?


I offer personalized life guidance to teach you ways to get in touch with your inner resources, let go of what is holding you back, and to find the path to a life in line with your own values.


I work with path choices and life mastery, relationships,  sexuality, career, life meaning, spiritual development and resource development in body and mind.
It is important to me that these understandings are available to everyone, which is why I offer students and people of low income or on  social benefits, reduced prices.


1 hour - 850, -
1.5 hours - 1150, -

2 hours 1500, -

Students and social security 20% discount

Healing Touch Therapy_1

Craniosacral  therapy

I work with visionary craniosacral therapy. A form of treatment based on the understanding that everything has its natural balance with and growth in life, and that it is when this natural flow is stopped, that tension, pain and discomfort arise. Visionary craniosacral is a mild and gentle, yet profound form of treatment, which works on the body's premises.

It is often experienced as very relaxing and comfortable, and at the same time reaches deep and can create lasting changes. It is a soft journey back to itself. Through soft grips and light movements, tensions open up around muscles, bones and connective tissue, and the body's natural flow can be restored.
Body and mind are two
  sides of the same issue, when the body is balanced, the psyche also balances itself.  

1 h 25 min - 1100, -

Own price for children and young people up to 18 years: 850, -

What others are saying about Renate

"Are you looking for a mentor? One who can help you bring out your resources, someone who can help you see yourself and your path more clearly, and to help you get where you want to go, then Renate is the choice"

My experience is that all types  questions and issues are accepted and can be discussed, and most importantly, the solutions work.

When I experience  to stand alone in a chaos, without me  completely able to define the problem, do well with a chat with Renate. There are always ways out, but I do not see them  so good alone.

No preparation for the interview is required, nor are there any homework for the next time.

You do not have to think about what the topic of conversation should be once ...... it comes when you sit down  the easy chair.  

Conversation hours  is not perceived as a new project on the "to do list", but a walk in your own life to get closer to yourself, and be "MORE OF WHO YOU ARE"

I am becoming more aware of what is good for me and how to get there.

"Relationships, close relationships  and communication with colleagues can be challenging. It can be  difficult to see clearly. We often end up in round dance in the same issues. Then it's good to have someone to air with, and that helps one to see solutions, even when things feel very heavy "

Renate is a unique person, healer and mentor. Her ability to listen deeply, with presence and security, together with her many tools, creates alchemy and inner transformation on all levels.
She guides you through processes  with security, patience, love and compassion.


Renate has an incredible ability to look behind and find causes and connections.

Time and time again, she has given me input and tools to uncover and turn around what hinders me, so that today I live a life of far more joy and with more resources than I imagined I had.

I would not have been so close to myself and at this level today, without the conversational help