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Yoga - to open body and mind to a greater whole

Yoga is much more than just the physical positions. There are a number of understandings of body and mind, and a philosophy and techniques that help us  to open body and mind to a more direct and balanced  experience of life; your unique, personal experience. It's about  to come home in its true nature, in the body and life situation you are in right now.  

Yoga contains a lot and also different directions. For some, asceticism and the path to enlightenment are the most important focus, a withdrawal of the senses and distancing oneself from physical life, in order to experience one's true nature as pure consciousness.
For some, it is pure physical exercise and well-being.
And, for me, and many others, it is the tantric yogic track that fascinates. The understanding that your body and your unique life are a condensed expression of "god"; it is consciousness and energy created in form, and that by going fully into, experiencing from within, sensing with and through all of you, you can have a direct experience of yourself in your full nature, both as consciousness and human, of "God" or the greater reality, and of life as it unfolds in the everyday life around us. It is incredibly beautiful and magical, and at the same time so completely accessible and everyday.


Yoga - a little more in depth

Open yourself up to life as it is

There is a lot of wisdom in yoga, but some of the things that are dear to me, I would like to elaborate a little here. For those who know a little about yoga, one often knows Patanjali's 8 folded path, as a path to enlightenment. This is central to the depth of most of the yoga traditions we know today, and although it is often more ascetic or transcendent in its approach, it can also be interpreted tantric.
The terms I want to look at here are:

Disorder - what is it and where does it come from?

The road to true knowledge?

The most important keys to good practice - stability and lightness

The Koshas - the four bodies

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My yoga offers

Courses and open hours

Copy Veien hjem - Nullstilling og indre

The way home

Reset and internal resources

This is a series of courses of 7-10 times, where we travel through the chakra system to contact the resources located there, and to clear away unnecessary stress or blockages. Not everything is done on this journey, but you get contact, a starting point and tools with you on the road.

We use yoga, breathing, meditation and movement inspired by chi gong and craniosacral therapy. This is about listening and finding that path, in line with what you want in your life.

Our whole experience of our life comes to us through our body. When we have contact with the resources there, we have contact with the tools we need to find the way in our own lives. It's not about being top trained or in good shape, but about having contact, listening and going with your body and your mind, not against it.

We work with meditation and reflection, and take a closer look at some questions related to the topic each time, to prepare to open the way in. Feel free to bring your own notebook. Whether you want to share your reflections with the group or just keep them to yourself is entirely up to you.

Price: 1360 - 1800, -
Students and social security -20%


Yin Yoga, breathing and consciousness

Rest to a greater whole

Welcome to delicious Yin yoga

Yin yoga has roots in Indian yoga and Chinese medicine. It combines deep long stretches, with calm breathing and a resting conscious focus. It becomes like a long meditation where the mind also has something to work with, and we get help from the body's resources in the positions.

This gives us the opportunity to rest within ourselves, open up for nourishment and more openness in the body. Most positions are sitting and lying down, where gravity is allowed to work and help us open up.

Fits everyone

Especially for you with a fairly ordinary everyday body that could need some nourishment and attention

No prior knowledge required. Put on loose clothing.
Due to infection control considerations, you must currently bring your own mat and possibly a blanket.
If you do not have a math, get in touch and we will find a solution.

About 1.5h
Price: 150, -


Yin Flow

Flow, nourishment and calm

Welcome to a soft yoga flow, with a focus on breathing and body contact. Get in touch with the flow in the body, and create more peace and space.
We alternate between soft flow in simple movements, and deep, calm inward stretches.

This is a simple, meditative class, with a little nourishing strength, suitable for all bodies and shapes. Requires no prior knowledge.

Put on comfortable clothes and join.
Equipment is available on site.

Duration: about 80 min
Price: 150, -

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