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Tantra is an understanding that body, mind and life are an expression of consciousness and form in unfoldment. It holds some of the deepest insights I have encountered  regarding it  human body and mind, and is at the same time one of the few philosophies that understands our sexual power as part of our life force, a force that can bring everything in us to life.
I have studied both classical and newer tantra, what is often also called conscious sexuality, and both offer important resources for what we humans encounter in our everyday lives today.


Tantric offerings

One-on-one, courses & open evenings


Personal guidance

To open the depths of yourself

Whether you are interested in the deeper spiritual and self-developed aspects of tantra, or you want to use the tantric understanding to increase the flow of sexuality and vitality in the body, increase intimacy in relationships or learn to sublimate the energies, you are most welcome.

Depending on what you want, and what are the topics you bring, we bring out techniques and understandings that can help you along the way.

Tantra evenings

A sensual journey within yourself

Welcome to sensual evenings  where we work with the power of body and mind from a tantric perspective.

Through exercises, meditation and movement
we open and strengthen the contact between body and mind. This
awakens the inherent life force in the body which in turn opens up for more joy, presence and sensuality in life.

We work with meeting points and exercises in pairs, to stay in our senses, to feel at the meeting point, to experience the essence behind, and for an opportunity to go out of limited patterns. In these exercises we have a unique opportunity to get to know, and see through, all this that takes place in body and mind, which shuts us out from being present, being who we really are or from living fully.

The focus is on opening up for more life, more joy, more YOU - to make life bigger and more LIVING.


Tantra course

A deeper dive into the world of tantra

These weekends we explore different aspects and themes of tantra.

Tantra is enormous, and there are a myriad of directions, with different focus and truths.

We work in that space and the understanding that within each human being are infinite resources and there are also instructions for the use of the individual's life.

Therein lies the path to joy and meaning, and to finding your place in the world and your contribution.

The key is in contact, and in liberation from demands and notions of who you are and what is right and wrong. We work with both classical and newer tantric meditations and techniques.

We work  with gaining access to the life force and letting it flow through body and mind. This creates liberation, and a greater experience of who you are.

We also work with touch,  because it makes us wake up in contact with our body and what lies there, and because most people need it.
Need to know contact, closeness and confirmation in the physical.
And, because it is a key to becoming aware.

Sweat hut

Purification in the womb of the mother earth

We regularly hold sweat cabins at Bjørgegaarden in Nordhordalan. These sweat lodges are kept in a tantric-shamanistic perspective, with a strong focus on the symbolism of what we do.

The sweat lodge represents the womb of the mother earth, the womb from which all life is born. Here in this hot, humid darkness, we meet ourselves and the opportunities to transform our own lives.
The large fire that gives the heat to the cabin and the stones, represents the fire, the power, the masculine, and into this we put our focus and intentions for the cabin.




Based on our collaboration, Monica Josefine Hjelle and I have made a podcast about tantra, sexuality, relationships and love. This is an "everyday podcast" that takes the tantra down to earth and into everyday life. Into meeting points in relationships, and one-night-stands, through joys and problems, to solutions that can create more joy and closeness.

Link to the Tantrika podcast

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