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Shamanism is a collective term for the understanding of life in the natural traditions, man's oldest spiritual traditions. It contains deep understandings of how we are part of everything, and gives us tools to find our place in the world, and get to know our deeper place here.
For me personally, shamanism has provided the experience of  meaning and belonging, as well as deep tools to transform my life.


Shamanic courses and experiences

A journey within you and your contact with the world around you

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Shamanic evenings

Evenings with a focus on various topics, where travel on the power of the drum is central

Traveling in the inner worlds to seek answers is one of mankind's oldest methods of contact with "god". This has been done with the help of herbal medicine, dance, song and drums, since the dawn of time.
In these evenings we work primarily with focus and drumming, but also sometimes visit rituals or dance / movement.

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Bonfire ceremonies

Transformation & encounter with the fire in yourself

The fire has been a deep part of human culture since we "tamed" the fire. There is something magical about gathering around the fire, and staring into the flames.

The fire in various forms, and bonfire ceremonies have been a big part of my journey in shamanism, both for myself and in what I have offered beyond.

Bonfire ceremonies in the form we usually have them today are something me and my dear, Einar Lerhaugen, have offered for the last 13-14 years. It is a beautiful personal process, where we work with intention and transformation.  You  stands in yourself, in your process, and is at the same time part of the community in the group.

You do not need any previous experience to join. You are led through the ceremony, and you go through it at your level, your meeting, as it is right for you today.


Natural power weekends

A shamanic weekend close to nature

These are simple living weekends, where we live close to nature at Bjørgegaarden in Nordhordaland. We eat and sleep together in "slunkabol", and work with natural power and various shamanistic tools.

Each weekend has its theme, as a headline, where tools and focus are chosen based on, and then each individual works on their journey, alone and with and in the group.
Here we use tools such as drumming, power drumming, bonfire ceremonies, sweat lodge and much more.


Sweat hut

A deep cleansing in the womb of the mother earth

After arranging and working with the sweat cabin energy for a number of years, we have now taken the step out and kept our own sweat cabins. These are tantric-shamanistic sweat lodges, with a strong focus on contact with and  in everything we do, from preparation, to construction and implementation. 
Here we work with the forces as they unfold and create our lives.

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