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Craniosacral  therapy

A soft and deep method

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic form of treatment, which works via the physical body with light grips and deliveries in the connective tissue. Craniosacral comes from the same roots as osteopathy, and gets its name from the fact that it works with the flow through and between the skull and the sacral bone (sacrum) at the base of the spine.

Visionary craniosacral therapy (VKST) that I work with, is a non-invasive form of treatment that works on the body's (and the mind's) own premises.

  VKST is based on an understanding that any body  has its natural balance with and growth in life, and that it is when this natural flow is stopped, that tension, pain and discomfort arise.

Body and mind are inextricably linked. Tensions in muscles and connective tissue affect the whole body and also the psyche. Stress and emotional strain affect the whole body through muscle tension, blood pressure and nervous system.

Visionary craniosacral is a mild and gentle form of treatment, which nevertheless reaches  deep and can create lasting change.

It is a soft journey back to itself. Through soft grips and light movements, tensions open up around muscles, bones and connective tissue, and the body's natural flow and balance can be restored.

Which also causes the psyche to balance itself back to itself.

1 h 25 min - 900, -

Treatment for children and young people up to 18 years: 750, -

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