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Siden er under konstruksjon

In depth

A little presentation of my points of view and the background I am working from

My work today is the result of 30 years of searching. The search for answers and insights, for meaning, and for tools that can help turn things around. It has been almost 30 years of meditation, over 20 years of shamanism, and close to 20 years of tantra in various forms.
There has also been a similarly long journey through learning differente forms of therapy and psychological approaches.

From psychology, philosophy and religion at the university, via massage, healing, regression and depth therapy, to 4 years of training in Dur Bon, craniosakral training, yogatraining and chakradance.
Parallel with this; my own journey and process through life.

What I offer today is a synthesis of all this. A use of techniques, methods and approaches, depending on the customer's point of view and what they want help with.  

Below you can read a little more about the different resources I have collected my knowledge and my tools from.

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Body, mind and life - a whole

Glad baby


Your body is far more than just a lump of bone and muscle that carries you around the world.
It is a universe of sensors and
  systems, which give you your experience of yourself  and the world, in addition to balancing, revitalizing and maintaining your physical health and survival.

Your mind, your consciousness, your thoughts and feelings, are so infinitely more than any of us have contact with. There are levels and  links far beyond what weare aware of in our conscious mind.  There are constant associations, creation  and reactions taking place, which in turn create our filters and our experience of the world,  and in addition  affects the condition of both body and mind.

Everything that happens in the body, colours the mind, and everything that happens in the mind, initiates responses in the body and affects our filters and our experience of ourselves and the world.
There is really no difference, they are three
  sides of the same, - body, mind and life.

And, inside, behind all of this, we have our life force, the vitality of body and mind, and we have  the soul, or the consciousness or the essence, our deeper nature that flows through it all.  This something, which causes cells to divide,  who drives us, creates and re-creates, and which never changes or is affected no matter what happens. It just takes form into expressions and a continuos unfolding of life, all the time.

All of these levels are you, and everything  is available for you to explore. What you choose to explore, is up to you, it is your own personal journey.
For some, it is the life here, in the everyday life, relationships and challenges that is in focus. For others it is to get to know themselves or to develop the potential that lies within them, and for still others it is the longing for and the experience of the spiritual, the eternal, that is their main focus.

To me, all the parts are infinitely exciting. I love joining people on their explorations in all these dimensions, and to help  to expand and unfold what has value for the individual.

Meditation can be many things, and different approaches suits different people. Nevertheless, I would claim that meditation, having a form of practice, is something that will  enrich everybody and anybodies life. It provides a contact with your inner reality, a deeper contact with life, and it gives  tools for stress-management and problemsolving.

To me, meditation is a cornerstone of my own practice and daily life. It provides a space to step out of everyday dramas, to contact myself, feel in touch with life, get into the flow behind, and step out of demands and hustle. It's almost like a rebooting and calibration of myself. It helps me find peace, and rediscover my own center, and it gives perspective and clarity to life in general.

I know, and I see, that for many it is difficult to get meditation to fit in  in everyday life, and that's all right. For many it is not part of what they want, and for others it may be a matter of lowering the list, not making it too big a project, but finding small pockets and techniques that work for your personality and your life.
It's lovely to have these little respite rooms, and it does not have to be demanding.

Holistisk konfirmasjon

Overgangen mellom barn og voksen er en utrolig viktig tid. Det er en overgang som markerer startebn på det egne selvstendige livet til ungdommen, og en tid for å bekrefte og befeste egne valg og verdier.

Dette er en overgang som har vært markert til alle tider og i alle tradisjoner. Og, som i mange tradisjoner innebærer en overgansrituale og en tid eller periode for å gå innover i kontakt med seg selv og å finne tak i egne styrker, valg og retning i livet.

Det er en tid der tilhørigheten og forankringen i familien svekkes, til fordel for å finne sin plass i det større felleskeapet, finne sine likesinnete og finne hva livet betyr og består av for en selv.

Spesielt i vår tid med så mange valg, gruppepress, sosiale medier og mye psykiske utfordringer for mange ungdommer opplever jeg det som dypt viktig å kunne tilby ungdom et skillelig overgangsrite, en lenger periode der de kan komme sammen med jevnaldrene og utforske hva som er sant for dem selv, finne inn til egen identitet og verdier, og bekrefte troen på seg selv. Det trengs når man etterhvert skal ut i verden og møte voksenlivets krav og valg. Jeg har lenge ønsket å tilby, eller at det fantes et skikkelig opplegg for ungdommer å få lov å møte og utforske seg selv i denne tiden.

Derfor er jeg utrolig takknemlig for at HF har skapt sitt konfirmasjonsopplegg og at jeg får lov å være med å tilby det til ungdommer i Bergen og omeng. Det er et utrolig flott opplegg som inneholder

8 temakvelder der vi møtes en gang i uken, 1 visjonshelg i nærhet til naturen, og en flott, verdig og høytidelig seremoni til feiring og markering av konfirmasjonene, sammen med familie og venner.

Temaer på temakveldene:


Vi bor sammen i nærhet til naturen, alt etter været foregår aktivitetene inne eller ute. Det er rom for masse sosialt og bare være sammen, og der er meningsfylt innhold som hjelper en videre på å finne sin egen vei og plass, og der er masse god mat. Ungdommene får også muligheten til å oppleve en visjonsvake, å sitte ute i skogen om natten i møte med seg selv og reflektere over sider av egne liv og verdier. Dette er en sterk og flott opplevelse, som gjør noe med en. Man har hele tiden mulighet til å komme tilbake til basen, der voksne sitter våken og passer på.

Seremoni med venner og familie



Shamanism is a collective term for the understanding of life in the natural traditions, man's oldest spiritual traditions, as we find it among Indians, the Sami people, the Aborigines, etc.
It contains deep understandings of how we are part of everything, and gives us tools to find our place in the world, and get to know our
  location here.
Shamanism offers opportunities to travel in the worlds of what creates our reality, and to communicate with everything around us. It also offers a variety of insights and ceremonies to enhance your experience of contact with life, and to transform aspects of your life, all the way into the depths.
It is a direction and a way of working that goes beyond the intellectual and the words, into the deeper currents of the mind and where we create from.

For me personally, shamanism has provided the experience of  meaning and belonging, as well as deep tools to transform my life.

Creating settings and ceremonies where people can get in touch with themselves and their place as a whole, is one of the most beautiful things I do. Rituals in themselves are an incredibly exciting tool, which gives us the opportunity to create personal change on a deep level.

Yoga - to open body and mind to a greater whole


Yoga is much more than just the physical positions. There are a number of understandings and techniques on how to open body and mind to a more balanced and genuine one  experience of life; your personal experience. It's about  to come home in its true nature, in the body and life situation you are in right now. 
You can use yoga for deep self-development and for spiritual enlightenment, but you can also use yoga as a tool to take care of body and mind, and create pockets for relaxation, deeper contact and release in everyday life.
For me, yoga is both a respite in everyday life, and a way to really experience the deeper side of myself and life 
It does not have to be complicated, you do not have to deal with a specific system, although this can provide a different kind of immersion, you have it all in you and your body, and yoga can open the way there.
I first came across yoga in the late 90's and visited various courses and directions, and have used it from time to time since then, both personally and in various meditation groups. In 2015 I started my first pure yoga education, first yin, then yinyang yoga, then I have built on with different inspirations and specializations, and have also taken an education in functional yoga and yoga therapy. This is a field I find very exciting and accessible, and which I constantly immerse myself in.

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