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Dur Bon

Dur Bon is a Tibetan pre-Buddhist direction and tradition. It contains some of the deepest understandings of  the human  sinn og  of the connections between body, mind,  life and nature that I have ever encountered. The  also contains deep insights about the body and its systems, and about how to awaken and maintain vitality. These insights include  use of exercises, meditation and inner focus, use  of herbs, spices and food as medicine, both internally and in treatments, as well as having its own form of acupuncture and massage. The focus of it all  is to support the body and mind's own systems for balance, vitality, health and unfoldment.

In the depths of this understanding lies the insight that life always seeks to express itself, and that all forms are unique in their own expression. It means that you are a unique expression of life, and that your "job" is to be and to express yourself as much as possible, and my job as a therapist or teacher, becomes
  to support the processes that are there, to support body and mind in this process of coming back to its wholeness and to express its true nature

There is nothing to fix, you are not wrong, you are not broken. In the depths of yourself, behind wounds, trauma and restraint, your qualities, your unique potential and your essence always exist.

Everything you need to live your life lies in you. 

Dur Bon understanding

There are many similarities between the Dur Bon understandings and what we find in Vedic tantra, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and the philosophy of yoga. 

The understanding that we are so infinitely more and more complex than what we are trained to experience ourselves as. We are a pulsating dance of consciousness and energy / form, and our experience of ourselves and the world comes out of this.

Awareness and thought processes are not just something that goes on in the head. Every organ, every organ system, skin cells, nerve pathway and hormonal system and receptors constantly feed us with  information about what is going on in us and around us, and the processing of this information determines how the body responds and balances in relation to the whole.

In this way, health, wholeness and well-being in the body are also affected by all the processes in both body and mind.

It is not that body and mind are connected, they are simply different layers of exactly the same reality, and when we affect one layer, we affect everyone.

Thus, we can work with wholeness and health via all teams. Via the physical body with exercise, physical treatments, food, medicine and surgeries. Via the mental and emotional body, in the form of thought processes, processing of memories, new learning and new insights, and via our essence, the contact with our own source and our real nature, and thus to "reboot" from here.

And through each of these, and all together, we can restore balance, flow and wholeness. This does not mean that life is just a dance on pink clouds, because the nature of life contains its pulses and cycles, its good and its less good experiences, and we have both cultural and inherited themes that often create challenge and pain, but we can in many cases relieve the pain, find insight into the discomfort, find the resources inside to deal with, so that one can both move through and move with what is happening with greater ease and less pain.

  Which approach is best depends on both the condition and the person seeking help. These insights can be used both to treat imbalances and to develop oneself. Develop as in unwinding yourself from what prevents you from being yourself or in finding your flow :-)

I offer  not pure Dur Bon treatments. I work with a number of different techniques and methods, both from this system and many other approaches, depending on what I perceive can be most helpful, but with  a deep basis in the understandings taken from Dur Bon.


"At the heart of all creation, the essence is ready to unfold"

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